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Spetec Laminar Flowbox FBS

Creation of localized Clean Room Environment

In industrial manufacturing in science and research the need for a clean particle and germ free environment plays an ever important role.

For this purpose elaborate clean room facilities are being designed at great expense not only upon purchase but also for their upkeep.

In many instances it is absolutely excessive to install oversized, technically complex, and expensive clean room facilities. Often the economy of an exclusive clean room does not justify for it.

In many instances it is quite sufficient to create a localized clean room environment. The Spetec Flow Box FBS has been developed exactly for this purpose.

The use of a Laminar Flow Box establishes clean room conditions at the location were they are needed. The effective clean room space of the FBS covers a size between 2,16 square feet and 10,08 square feet.

For the manufacturing of the Flow Box FBS only high quality materials such as acrylic glass and stainless steel are being applied.

For installation in an acidic atmosphere a special protective coating will be offered as an option.

The Flow Box is equipped with a filter of the type H 14.This filter is capable of removing 99,995% of all particles having a size larger than 0,5 um (EU 14).

Even for particles larger than 0,21 um the degree of filtering is still 99,95%. In this case the retention factor is 10³ which means that, the air quality in the Flow Box versus the outside air will improve by a factor of 1000.

For particles larger than 0,5 um an improvement by a factor of 90,000 will be obtained. At an air flow velocity of 0,45 m / sec. the air stream occurs laminar. Which means that the air moves as a parallel stream.

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