01/16/2012 • Security Management, Access Control, Time Attendance

No Manipulation in an Emergency

Since its introduction in August 2009, the CX6122AP has proven especially successful for installation into existing locks. This is above all because the classical, electronic double-knob cylinder can be upgraded to an anti-panic variant at any time. All this involves is swapping out the mechanical inner knob for the AP variant.
Now the CX6122AP has been enhanced even further, and is available as the CX6122AP-M for use in emergency doors in public buildings where manipulation from indoors must also be prevented. To achieve this, the cylinder has been equipped with a mechanical cylinder end on the inside. This feature is especially interesting for schools and public establishments that wish to benefit from adding electronic cylinders to the existing locks of their emergency doors. The mechanism installed in the AP cylinders ensures that the lock lug automatically returns to the default six o'clock position after actuation of the cylinder. The mechanical inner knob is permanently connected to the cylinder. With these features, both CX6122AP variants satisfy the requirements for installation into existing locks of emergency doors and guarantee the means of escape in an emergency. Additionally, the mechanical inner knob built into the CX6122AP-M thwarts any sabotage attempt from indoors, since exclusively authorised users can lock and unlock the cylinder using a special key.
Both AP variants of the CX6122 can be integrated into a fully electronic locking system, by equipping the doors of classrooms and offices with our product solutions as well. The lock system data are centrally managed by software that networks all access data, grants and revokes access permissions to this data and allows their analysis at any time.
The CX6122AP-M is now available in transponder variants EM or Hitag, Mifare Classic or DESFire and LEGIC ® prime or advant, as well as 868 MHz active transponders.

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