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Reliable even when things heat up: Non-contact infrared temperature monitoring solutions from Raytek

Raytek GmbH develops and produces infrared sensors for non-contact temper-ature measurement within a range of -50 to +3,500°C. With these sensors, users can take quick and accurate measurements of surface temperatures without touching the object being measured – this is a particular advantage when the object is very hot, is in movement or is in a place that is difficult to access. Unlike contact thermometers, they do not influence the temperature of the object being measured, nor can the latter be damaged or soiled. Infrared sensors can also be used when the measured object has a very high temperature which would destroy contact sensors. Typical applications are steelworks, glassworks, cement plants and plastic production. The Raytek product range includes fixed infrared sensors, infrared linescanners and thermal imagers. All devices are suitable for fixed installation in plants and machines and can be integrated into processcontrol systems via industry-specific interfaces.

Raytek's stationary pyrometers are available in a variety of models (as single-channel, two-channel or quotient pyrometers) for a wide range of applications. For high-temperature environments with strong electromagnetic fields, Raytek offers miniature measuring heads with separate communications electronics, either in a protective housing or in a DIN rail housing. With a length of only 28 mm and a diameter of 14 mm, the M13 series of IP65 measuring heads are the smallest stand-alone infrared pyrometers in the world. Unlike point sensors, which only measure a single value, the Raytek MP150 series of linescanners measure up to 1,024 temperature points on a line at a maximum sampling rate of 150 Hz. With moving targets, a two-dimensional image can be generated in this way. Linescanners can be used at temperatures between 20 and 2,000 °C and are available in application-specific versions, for instance for use in cement and lime manufacturing, in glass bending and tempering processes, and in the production of plastics. Finally, Raytek's ThermoView Pi20 line of thermal imaging cameras has a sampling rate of 30 Hz and produces thermal images with a 320 x 240 pixel resolution. The cameras are available for two temperature ranges (-40 to 500°C and 200 to 2,000°C) and with various lenses. Thanks to their standard Ethernet interface, they can also be networked over large distances. Images are displayed, stored and retrieved using a proprietary software program. Alternatively, customers can use a software development kit to develop their own software.

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