07/22/2008 • Image processing / Optical metrology • Microscopy / Imaging • Sensor Technology


"Rapid Readout" Digital CCD Camera

The new digital CCD camera ORCA-R2 ”Rapid Readout” of the Hamamatsu Orca series maintains the quality standard of this camera family and enhances its feasibility to different applications by its new features:

  • Two scan speeds; a normal scan speed of 14MHz and a rapid scan speed of 28MHz which deliver full resolution 1.37M pixel images at 8.5 frames/second and 16.2 frames/second respectively.
  • Data output is via Firewire IEEE 1394b.
  • The ORCA-R2 also comes with water-cooling connections as standard, for operation at -40°C.
  • Digitisation can be carried out in either 12 or 16 bit A-D converters.
  • Extended range of programmable trigger signal (edge, level, start, synchronous, cyclic) output options.

Building on the success of the established, market-leading ORCA AG and based on the same exclusive ER-150 progressive scan interline 1344 x 1024 pixel CCD, the ORCA-R2 is the camera of choice for a range of applications, such as fluorescence microscopy, where a balance of speed, sensitivity and resolution are essential.

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