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Mica - Imaging Microhub

Mica is an imaging microhub, a completely integrated system that brings together different imaging techniques in a sample protecting, incubating environment. It eliminates the need for special microscopy expertise and is designed to give all scientists access to spatial context and data. It uses machine learning software, automation, and fluorescence unmixing techniques to automate imaging workflows, and includes the company’s patented opto-digital technology for high-speed imaging and detection.

It is also the first system to offer FluoSync technology, a new technique for spectral unmixing that is based on a method published in Nature Methods. The device replaces manual setup steps such as sample-finding and parameter-setting with a single push of a button. By doing this, it eliminates over 85% of the tedious microscopy setup steps that usually require special expertise, reduces training time by 50% and enables users to get their first image in 33% less time.

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