12/14/2005 • Metrology

Reliable RF tests on modules and devices with a radio interface

Productronica, Munich 2005 — Rohde & Schwarz now complements its product portfolio by adding the Shielded RF Test Chambers R&S TS712x for RF tests on devices with a radio interface. The narrow R&S TS7121 model has been designed for tests on small modules and devices. The RF test chambers can optionally be expanded to provide additional test capability, for example audio tests. Featuring high shielding effectiveness, the RF test chambers perform interference-free and thus reproducible tests in accordance with a wide variety of radio standards including ISM, GSM, CDMA, UMTS, WLAN, Bluetooth and many more. The wider R&S TS7123 model was specially designed for larger devices e.g. automotive applications. It can be used for production tests on the RF interfaces of car radios and infotainment systems. The automatic R&S TS712xA version is ideal for use in production.

Rohde & Schwarz now complements its product spectrum – including manually operated RF test chambers such as the Antenna Coupler R&S CMU-Z10 with the Shielding Cover R&S CMU-Z11 and the modular universal Shielded RF Test Fixture R&S TS7110 – by adding the new Shielded RF Test Chambers R&S TS712x. The R&S TS7121A and R&S TS7123A provide test capability for automated production lines; the R&S TS7121M and R&S TS7123M manual versions are intended for use in service and development and also in manual test setups in production.

Used in conjunction with the Universal Radio Communication Tester R&S CMU200 or other test equipment as well as suitable antenna couplers for GSM, WCDMA and UMTS, the RF test chambers enable BER, FER and power measurements on mobile phones, for example. They also provide RF tests on other small devices that have a radio interface, e.g. on PDAs, remote keyless entry or cordless phones that operate in the ISM, WLAN, HomeRF or Bluetooth bands, for example.

The automatic R&S TS712xA RF test chambers have been designed to meet the requirements of automated production lines. These include long service life, rugged design and automatic opening and closing of the RF chamber. The valves for opening and closing are controlled via a 24 V connector or an optional USB control.
The interior of the RF test chambers may optionally be lined with absorbent material, which attenuates high-frequency electromagnetic waves and thus ensures reproducible and stable measurements. The absorbent material also works in the audio range, where it effectively reduces reflections and ambient sound.

GSM and Bluetooth antenna couplers in the range 800 MHz to 2.4 GHz are currently available; the couplers can be attached to the side panels or the bottom panel. Moreover, ISM couplers for frequencies <1 GHz and WLAN antenna couplers for 2.4 GHz to 5.8 GHz are available that can be adapted for use with the RF test chambers. The RF test chambers are sealed by means of a milled cover, which is fastened in place with easy-to-lock tension levers. Optionally, elevated covers are available that provide sufficient room for the integration of further test equipment such as CCD cameras or keyboard stimulators.

The R&S TS712xM manual version is equipped with a handle that allows easy closing and locking of the RF test chamber. The manual version is mainly intended for use in service and development. The automatic and the manual versions R&S TS712xA and R&S TS712xM of the RF test chambers have the same basic design, ensuring the same test functionality in development, production and service.

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