11/21/2005 • Analytics

Multitalented Tensiometer

The tensiometer K100MK2 and K100SF (for Single Fibres) from Krüss are characterized by their outstanding range of measuring methods:
  • • Extended CMC measurement with unlimited concentration
  • Contact angle measurements (advancing and receding angles) of plates, disks, powder, pigments and single fibres (K100SF)
  • Surface and interfacial tension of liquids (plate, ring with corrections according to Harkins & Jordan, Huh & Mason, Zuidema & Waters)
  • Surface free energy determination of solids
  • Ultra high force resolution of 0.001 mN/m (0.0001 mN/m for K100SF)
  • Very high distance resolution: 0.1 µm
  • Integrated ionizing device for static discharge
  • High precision jerk-free sample positioning drive
The combination of the K100MK2/K100SF with the new "LabDesk" Windows software from Krüss provides the user with maximum flexibility – a new scripting language incorporated in the software means that measuring procedures can easily be adapted to any special applications.
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