11/09/2005 • Automation • Process technology / Maintenance

Increasing Efficiency through the Consistent Application of the Service Spectrum as a “Global Package”

In the world of modern automation, maintenance activities must be continually adjusted to meet the latest performance requirements in the market.
JUMO GmbH & Co. KG, Fulda, Germany, therefore offers its customers an innovative spectrum of services which are matched to the products.

The newly published brochure on the spectrum of JUMO service activities – “The Global Package” – emphasizes the following central aspects:

Planning and project design of software and automation solutions

This offer covers the project planning of complete systems, from the drawing up of requirements and creation of a performance specification through to professional commissioning and training of the personnel.

Outsourcing – JUMO as a partner for electronics modules or complete instruments

In the measurement and control sector, the range of service offered by JUMO covers the design and development of electronics modules and assemblies up to complete equipment, following customer requirements and specifications. This includes producing prototypes and initial series, up to full-scale series production.

Seminars and workshops in the company’s own training and fieldbus center

As one of the leading manufacturers in the field of measurement and control engineering, JUMO wants to share its expertise with customers, business partners and interested parties. To this end, JUMO offers you appropriate specialist seminars in the company’s own training center in Fulda, in its subsidiaries, in conference hotels, or, by agreement, also on your premises.
The JUMO fieldbus center has also been operational on the headquarters site since mid-2004. In this context, JUMO offers its customers participation in the “MODbus, PROFIBUS-DP and ETHERNET” workshop. This workshop uses JUMO instruments to impart the principles of the various systems and their basic configuration.

Professional literature – disseminating knowledge through company publications

Know-how is needed, not just to create JUMO products, but also for their later application. The company therefore provides a sizeable number of its own publications on topics in measurement and control engineering.
The individual titles are oriented to newcomers and practising engineers alike, without in-depth theory or mathematical analyses, so the content is instantly useful for everyday application.

Technical support line

The company has a team ready for consultation with customers on applications, to provide support for commissioning, or give advice on operating the equipment.

Worldwide service network, with on-site support for commissioning and optimization

In addition to the classical service functions, JUMO also offers remote maintenance concepts (teleservice) to its customers.

JUMO homepage

The Internet provides round-the-clock access to a comprehensive information system in several languages on service topics. Here you can find download areas for software, professional literature, operating instructions, FAQ, and the seminars on offer.

German Calibration Service for Temperature (DKD)

JUMO is accredited to EN ISO / IEC 17 025, and offers the calibration of third-party products as a service with an attractive price/performance ratio.
Calibration ranges extend from –80°C to +1100°C.
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