07/22/2005 • Metrology

DASIM Universal Computer Controlled Measuring System with 2 Types of Amplifiers

Only 1 universal amplifier handles more than 14 types of sensors: Strain gauges (full-, half- and quarter bridge), DC voltage, DC current, speed indicator, potentiometer, shunt sensors, thermocouples, Pt100 sensors, analog frequency generator, digital frequency generator, PWM signal, torque converter, telemetry devices, incremental encoders, ICP® sensors. Power feed, measurement range etc. can be chosen optimised for each type of sensor. There are 2 choices of sample rate: Uni VT-D with max. 20 kHz (cut-off frequency 5 kHz), or Uni 40 VT-D with max. 40 kHz (cut-off frequency 10 or 15 kHz) per channel. Sample rate can be set internally down to 0.2 Hz. For digital signals the bandwidth is 500 kHz.

A CF amplifier handles Strain gauges (full-, half- and quarter bridge), inductive sensors (LVDT), and inductive torque meters. The carrier frequency is 5 kHz, signal bandwidth is 1 kHz.

High stability and accuracy (typ. 0.03 %) of the amplifiers is ensured through digital signal conditioning and optocoupler insulation. Resolution is16 bit. Parameter setting is done via an RS 232 or an Ethernet interface. On the output side there are two precise analog signals (± 10 V full scale, and scalable) per channel, and/or digitised signals via Ethernet (TCP/IP). Each amplifier channel can put out data also to a CAN bus.

Through the modular set up and the Ethernet interface, the system is scalable up to synchronous several hundred channels. Each 32 channel unit (Desktop housing or 84 TE chassis) has a data transfer capability of approximately 500 kS/s.

Parameter setting by software for all amplifiers is done with DaSoft. Integration into a customer-specific parameter setting software is possible via a communication DLL. Sensor data can be stored in or called off from a sensor database. Online visualisation of measurement data and event triggered saving on hard disk (or Compact Flash) can be performed with DAQSoft. It is also offering tools for control, analysis and documentation of saved data, as well as direct export into ASCII files or to other measurement software like DIAdem and Famos. Drivers for measurement software like DASYLab, DIAdem, and LabVIEW are optional available.

DASIM can be linked with the SIQUAD-System.

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