COBUS 3000 train

Are you prepared for servicing the giant? The first A380 is going to take off in 2006! Is your terminal ready to accept 500 passengers at two passenger boarding bridge levels and how many A 380 gates are you going to have? Here is the economical and fast solution for remote parked aircraft: The COBUS Train! A well known COBUS 3000 (in special execution) which is used for the normal day by day passenger transport of regular aircraft (up to 111 passengers at one time) will be connected to the COBUS trailer in order to increase the capacity to almost 200 passengers in one ride.

Can you imagine, for an A 380 you will need two COBUS trains and one regular COBUS 3000 only. Its 11 city buses you would need to provide the same service! It goes without saying the COBUS trailer offers the same advantages of all COBUS airport buses, such as: full low floor, extra wide passenger doors at both sides (10 in total), kneeling possibility, full aluminium body, and many more! And the biggest advantage: although the COBUS Train is almost 26,5 m long, the trailer follows the COBUS by 100%, which means the turning radius is exactly the same than a COBUS 3000 in single operation. Obviously a COBUS Train should be used for the B 747 or A 340 as well and when being used for regular aircraft, just disconnect and park the trailer.
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