10/25/2005 • Analytics

Mini Columns

Atoll GmbH, Weingarten, Germany, extends their mediascout product line by introducing mini columns for parallel analytical and preparative chromatographic separations, to be carried out in laboratory robot workstations. The ready-to-use mini columns are available prepacked with any one from a large selection of commercially available chromatography media. Up to 96 of them may be easily fixed onto a 96-well microplate compatible base plate, in any desired order. Comprising inner dimensions of 2.5–10 mm bed height and 5 mm inner diameter (c.v. 0.05–0.2 ml), the mini columns allow to perform rapid parallel chromatographic separations with up to 96 columns, utilizing small sample and eluant volumes. In order to allow seamless cooperation between the mini columns and the robotic liquid delivery system, the column inlets are equipped with a newly developed needle adapter. This adapter allows the automated tight connection and disconnection of the robot needle unit to the mini column array. Chromatographic results may be gathered by usual detection methods, applied to the individual fractions collected in standard microplates.
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