04/08/2005 • Video security and monitoring

TUB camera® evolution 6 from TEB gives greater CCTV coverage … for less cost

Operators of CCTV systems are constantly looking for more effective ways of increasing CCTV coverage at an affordable cost. This is where the TUB camera® system from TEB has achieved considerable success in Europe as operators benefit from the increased level of effective coverage achieved by this moving camera system in comparison to traditional and more restrictive static and dome camera options.

"More and more end users of CCTV systems are recognising that there is no need to install a large number of dome and static cameras, when a single TUB camera® can do a far more effective job. TUB cameras provide users with significantly greater CCTV coverage due to its innovative moving shuttle technology," said Sebastien Bidault, Managing Director at TEB UK.

"With TUB, there are fewer cameras, less cabling and consequently the commissioning and maintenance cost is reduced. Combined with increased CCTV coverage, this makes the TUB camera® evolution 6 solution a serious option for CCTV surveillance of large areas at a far more acceptable level of cost," added Sebastien Bidault.

This versatile CCTV camera range is capable of extremely fast movement (6 metres per second) and is hidden in a discreet tube. In comparison with the traditional use of dome cameras, which require a large number of cameras and expensive installation costs, the moveable TUB camera® system provides almost 100% effective coverage of an internal area. This compares with an estimated 20% coverage using traditional dome cameras.

With the TUB camera® evolution 6, installation is straightforward and easy with low maintenance and real time evidence of incidents recorded to a single digital recorder making effective CCTV coverage of the internal sales area a realistic and achievable proposition.
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