09/07/2005 • Laboratory installation / Services

TTP LabTech Supplies with Compound Storage Capability

TTP LabTech will be supplying Sienabiotech S.p.A with compound storage capability with its comPound storage system. The deal involves a comPound sample store and a comPiler store-to-plate preparation system. The new comPound system will be used by Sienabiotech in drug discovery programmes to facilitate storage, handling and registration required for hit validation and the identification of lead molecules relevant to the treatment of neuronal diseases. TTP LabTech's comPound is a self-contained, modular microtube storage system. Each module can store up to 200,000 microtubes in a dry and inert environment at -20°C. Multiple modules may be linked to provide expandable library storage capacity. comPiler is a modular store-to-plate processing system which assembles racks of selected microtubes received from comPound, and can process more than 15,000 microtubes in an 8-hour day without operator intervention. comPiler has been tailored to suit Sienabiotech's requirements.
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