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Handsfree-phone „DFG cleantel“ - for use in hygienically clean rooms.

„DFG cleantel“ is dustproof and protected against water streams (type of protection: IP 65). Thus the equipment can be cleaned with water or usual commercial solvent-free desinfectants. In the chemical and food industries as well as in hospitals, hygiene plays a major role. Technical equipment in laboratories and operating theatres must not become soiled and is regularly cleaned thoroughly. The DFG handsfree phone has been designed for such areas of application. For one thing dust particles can’t penetrade the telephone and for another it is possible to thoroughly clean the appliance.

In laboratories, workers often wear special protective gloves. This makes it difficult to accept incoming calls. „DFG cleantel“ offers a completely different solution: acceptance of calls via a push button switch which can be operated by a foot or an arm. This way, the telephone is „remote controlled“ and hands remain free. The telephone’s microphone has been designed in such a way that speech can be picked up within a 3 m radius. A special loudspeaker means the caller can be heard loudly and clearly.

DFG Fernsprecher GmbH manufactures this high quality product in Germany
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