08/25/2005 • Laboratory diagnostics

Monitoring the Process of Blood Coagulation

Thermo Electron Corporation (NYSE:TMO), in collaboration with Thrombinoscope BV, announced the new Calibrated Automated Thrombogram system that provides a fast and convenient way to monitor the full picture of the coagulation system, measuring both thrombotic as well as bleeding tendency. The system consists of a versatile 96-well microplate fluorometer and the Thrombinoscope package offering user-friendly software and reagents. The chance of having a heart attack, a stroke or other disease related to thrombosis is greatly determined by how well your blood clots. The easier it is to trigger the coagulation system, the higher your thrombotic risk. For this reason the thrombogram is a very common procedure within medicine, yet existing tests do not provide a good picture of the clotting potential of blood. The Calibrated Automated Thrombogram system provides a sensitive measurement of thrombin generation in plasma samples with all the natural components affecting blood coagulation present. The automated technique is based on fluorescence and, therefore, is not affected by the appearance of a clot or the presence of platelets. The system offers speed, automation and increased throughput of up to 30 samples per hour. Additionally, the user-friendly software together with calibration of the system enables data standardization and easy comparison between studies.
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