08/16/2005 • Medical tech • Microscopy / Imaging

Deep Cooling and Lifetime Vacuum

Photometrics introduced the Cascade II product series. The first Cascade II camera to be released to market, the Cascade II:512, breaks new ground as the only EMCCD microscopy camera that offers -80°C cooling without using water or liquid nitrogen. By eliminating the need for a bulky chilled-water circulator or cryogenic compressor, both of which are prone to leaks, blockages, and condensation, the Photometrics Cascade II:512 affords maximum long-term convenience. The Cascade II:512's deep cooling provides ultra-high gain and extremely low dark noise, enabling the 16-bit, high-resolution camera to satisfy even the most demanding sensitivity requirements for applications such as low-light fluorescence, TIRFM, single-molecule fluorescence, spectral imaging, and luminescence.
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