07/26/2005 • Metrology

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HBM has launched Version 5.0 of its user-friendly and highly accurate catman® Professional measurement software for data acquisition and analysis.

The latest version has been designed to make it much easier for the occasional or inexperienced user to get measurement results quickly. The design and graphical user interface have been improved making the software much easier to use and catman® 5.0 automatically loads intelligent transducers with TEDS technology and configures the amplifier making the software a Plug & Measure reality.

Channels that needed to be displayed can be dragged and dropped onto desired visualization objects, such as digital indicators, bar graphs, stripcharts or Y(x) graphs. This helps visualization in real-time and enables documentation to be created quickly.

A new data management function has been added with a detailed data description using test parameters to facilitate retrieval later without delays. Both single measurements and measurement series can be given freely definable test parameters, such as the test engineer’s name, type of test object, and measurement temperatures, as additional helpful information for review and analysis.

Another innovative function is the inclusion of a search function helping engineers to, for example, find all data records on the test object “wing xyz“ with the preload of “1kN“. The measurement data Explorer enables the data records and their test parameters to be clearly arranged for display and browsing.

The sensor database and TEDS technology includes all HBM transducers and can easily be expanded with customer-specific transducers. Support for sensors with multipoint and polynomial characteristics has also been included. As an added check, the sensor database can verify whether all connected sensors are within their calibration date.

The catman® 5.0 includes a number of new mathematics functions, for example the elimination of outliers, and the option of storing data in ASAM-ODS format. 



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