07/22/2005 • Automation • Metrology • Process automation / MSR technology

AS-4K analog signal conditioning with multi-channel modules

The system offers 2- or 4-channel DC insulated amplifiers for Strain Gauges, Voltage, Current, Potentiometer, Thermocouples, Pt100 Sensors, ICP® Sensors, Frequency Generators, Torque Sensors with frequency output. A CF amplifier is available for distance measurement with inductive sensors (LVDT). Matching sensor feed is integrated with the corresponding device. The amplifiers are low-noise, and have a typical accuracy of 0.1 %. Plug-in filters (Butterworth, Bessel, 4th order) can be selected for optimum interference suppression. Parameter settings like measurement range or gain are done manually by jumpers or switches. A 19” rack or housing can accommodate up to 8 modules equal 32 channels. Signal output is analog (± 10 V), and/or digitised via an internal USB card. Drivers are available for standard data acquisition software. External PC cards can be connected via optional back panel adapters.

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