05/11/2004 • Automation • Drive Tech

Frequency Converters for Distributed I/Os with Safety Integrated

A new frequency converter from Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D) has been added to the Simatic ET 200S family. The ET 200S family comprises distributed intelligence, inputs and outputs, a motor starter and a safety system. The converter with the type designation ET 200S FC, controls the speed of asynchronous motors steplessly, solves drive tasks ranging from simple frequency control through to stringent vector control and includes functionalities such as
Safety Integrated and hot swapping. With its line-
commutated regenerative feedback, the converter can be
operated extremely efficiently.

The frequency converter is completely integrated into the Simatic ET 200S system and offers all the system advantages: lower wiring costs thanks to installation without the need for special tools, self-assembling communications and energy bus and rapid replacement of modules during operation (hot swapping). The ET 200S FC is of a modular construction and comprises a closed-loop control section and a power section. The power section can be selected with a rated output ranging from 0.75 to 4kW with compact overall dimensions.

Regarding the term "Safety integrated": The new converter has a series of integrated protection mechanisms that increase the safety of equipment in the vicinity of which there is a risk of personal injury. Functions such as "Safe stop" are available for which unintentional starting of the drive can be prevented; "Safe braking ramp" that monitors standstill and "Safe reduced speed" that prevents a speed limit from being exceded. And the function "Safe reduced speed" can be implemented without the need for motor encoders at minimal outlay.

The power sections of the converter do not need chopper modules or brake resistors: In generating mode, power is fed back into the supply system line-commutated. In addition, the converter is operated without line-commutating reactors. This creates space in the control cabinet on the one hand and reduces the power losses of the overall system on the other hand.

Apart from simple drive and positioning tasks, the converter also supports torque control for conveyor system applications in the automobile, food, drink and tobacco industries, winding and unwinding drives as well as lifting gear. Using a motor encoder, applications range as far as closed-loop control for high-precision speed and torque control.

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