07/21/2005 • Image processing / Optical metrology

mvIMPACT Calibration

Whether unintended or not (e.g. when using a fisheye lens for security applications), distortions are an everyday occurence in image acquisition and these can lead to incorrect measurement results. Even high quality lenses show distortions the eye cannot recognise. But these distortions are measureable.

To avoid these inaccuracies, MATRIX VISION offers help with the new mvIMPACT camera module. This module extends mvIMPACT with the ability of an optimal image acquisition. Thereby the module equalises scale, perspective or non-linear distortions easily. The calibration of the system takes place with a calibration grid held in front of the camera. mvIMPACT analyses this grid and calculates the transformation data automatically. The adjustment of the distortions can be achieved with an image transformation. After this transformation the user receives a corrected image which can be used with existing algorithms to get calibrated measurement results. The calibration module also provides functions for coordinate transformations. The modules mvIMPACT Blob and mvIMPACT Measure use the coordinate transformation functions automatically to get calibrated measurement results.

In contrast to the general trend, increasing application complexity does not mean a loss of usability. The mvIMPACT Calibration module features easy handling during the identification of distortions.
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