07/13/2005 • Automation • Industrial PCs

hypercontrol® micro-9 – Micro-Board-Computer:

  • CPU Module - credit card size
  • Abundance of periphery functions
  • Vast reduction in "time-to-market"
  • Ideal for system integrators and rapid prototyping
  • Specific CPU knowledge not necessary
  • Linux, Windows CE or CoDeSys PLC version
  • Hardware – ultra innovative
  • - precisely adapted and thoroughly tested Software,
  • - manufactured and supported by one generic supplier.
The - hypercontrol® micro-9 - is a highly integrated "Micro-Board-Computer" based on the powerful ARM-9 microprocessor (Cirrus Logic) which includes an abundance of periphery functions and interfaces on board.
This mini CPU board in credit card format (a mere 85mm x 54mm), is predestined for the integration in complex embedded designs (OEM) or Rapid Prototyping.

The main advantage when implementing this system is: The design Engineer is not required to study yet another microprocessor platform, but is immediately able to concentrate all of his/her energy and resources on the development of the main I/O or Utility circuit board. This aspect contributes to drastically reducing the "time to market" and hence reduced overall development costs.

Miniature in size but mammoth in power, this system includes an Ethernet interface, a CANopen master, an LCD/TFT display interface with Touch operation, 3 serial (TTL), 3 USB, EIDE, CompactFlash, SD card, Digital I/Os, A/D inputs, Keypad, Sound, PCMCIA, PWM outputs, RTC, Address/Data buses, 2 DMA channels and much more…

The micro-9 may be mounted to a main circuit board via 2 high-density connectors. Contec offer a professional Evaluation Kit for developers which includes the appropriate circuit diagrams and literature.

The hypercontrol® micro-9 can be supplied with a version of either
Linux 2.6.11 or Windows CE 5.0

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