07/12/2005 • Microscopy / Imaging

iMIC an interface between the microcosm and artificial intelligence

The iMIC marks a radical departure from the traditional light-microscope concept, which has remained virtually unchanged for over 150 years. It constitutes a modular, scaleable platform, geared towards all modern methods of microscopic image acquisition using cameras, lasers, scanners, motors and computers running suitable software rather than hand and eye of the scientist. Thus, one may call the iMIC an interface between the microcosm and artificial intelligence.

The hallmarks of the iMIC are versatility, sensitivity, selectivity and maximal throughput. It allows complete automation of all imaging tasks. Thus, more than 100.000 high-resolution images of biological specimen may be acquired and critically analysed per day with sensitivity sufficient to detect and locate single molecules. With its compact form and sealable enclosure the iMIC opens up new areas of application, like placing a microscope into sterile conditions or sending it on space missions.

The iMIC evolved through a close collaboration between TILL Photonics, its R&D sister enterprise, TILL I.D., and the academic BioImaging Zentrum (BIZ) of the University of Munich. TILL Photonics, as a global supplier of fluorescence microscope systems with own production and sales department, will market and sell the iMIC.
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