07/07/2005 • Medical tech • Microscopy / Imaging

See More than Before!

The extremely easy to use and intuitive Nikon EZ-C1 confocal
software has been developed to even further incorporate Nikons latest spectral imaging confocal system, the C1si. The important enhancements were necessary, as more information is extracted from each pixel thanks to patented polarization compensation system (Nikon's DEES) that reduces the loss of photons in the emission signal. Newly developed Dual Integration Signal Processing (DISP) technology is used in the video signal-processing circuitry to achieve brighter spectral imaging, and the EZ-C1si software is capable of handling this data in a quick and organized manner.

The unmixing application of the EZ-C1si spectral imaging software enables the researcher to separate overlapping spectra of fluochromes at a resolution that is currently not achievable, even with the highest quality of modern filters and dichroic mirrors. A typical example would be the ability of the C1si to separate Alexa 488 (max. 513nm) and GFP (519nm). The C1si is sensitive and fast, resulting in a "spectral scan" (512 x 512 pixels) using a spectral range of 360 nm in less then 2 seconds!

Technical Specifications
  • Real color visualization
  • 3 click spectral unmixing
  • Visualization of 5D data (lambda-x-y-z-time)
  • Visualization of spectra from spots
  • Spectral color segmentation (up to 16 segments)
  • Advanced visual setup of spectral detector
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