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UNIVERSAL 320 / 320 R – All Around Talent

These centrifuges are called UNIVERSAL with good reason. Their comprehensive range of accessories and excellent performance enable them to carry our virtually all centrifuging tasks. In the low speed range, the UNIVERSAL 320 and 320 R process standard tubes up to a volume of 100 ml, microtitre plates, conical tubes with screw cap. blood collection tubes and cyto accessories. Microlitre tubes can be accelerated to an RCF of 21,382. Centrifuge tubes taking higher volumes (up to 85 ml) also profit from the extraordinary motor power of the UNIVERSAL 320 / 320 R. At an RCF of 9,418 bacteria and yeasts sediment quickly and easily.

Depending on his requirements, the user can choose between 6 swing-out and 4 angle rotors for accommodating all kinds of commercial centrifuge tubes, microlitre tubes and blood collection systems up to 100 ml. In addition, a hematocrit rotor with a lid that is cover and reading device in one, 3 cyto rotors, a 2-place and a 4-place swing-out rotor for standardsize microtitre plates, and 3 microlitre rotors for 12, 24 or 30 microlitre tubes (2 of the microlitre rotors are aerosol-tight and autoclavable) permit special applications.
As the UNIVERSAL 320 / 320 R may be used as general and special purpose centrifuges (they perform the tasks of 2 or more centrifuge models), they are not just cost-effective, they also save valuable space in the laboratory.

Like all Hettich centrifuges the UNIVERSAL 320 / 320 R are perfectly designed to meet ergonomic demands. Entry of the parameters is quick and easy with the clearly arranged and easily comprehensible foil keypad. During centrifugation the actual values of the parameters are displayed. At option, the speed can be indicated in RPM or RCF.
A pulse key allows short centrifuging operations. The rotor spins at the preselected speed or RCF as long as the key is pressed. 10 complete running programmes can be stored and recalled. Automatic rotor recognition, imbalance switch-off, motor overheating protec-tion, and centrifuge chamber of stainless steel are standard. Automatic lid locking con-tribue to the models’ user-friendliness.

Apart from a fast cool function, the UNIVERSAL 320 R features temperature control within a range of – 20 °C to + 40 °C.

As an option, the UNIVERSAL 320 R is also available
  • with connection to an external refrigerated/heating circulator provided by the customer (without internal cooling unit). Depending on the circulator performance, the centrifuge can heat or cool within a range of 0 °C to + 90 °C,
  • with connection for flushing with nitrogen (without monitoring and controlling

For the above described reasons UNIVERSAL 320 and 320 R centrifuges are all around talents in every laboratory in the field of medicine, chemistry, pharmaceutics, or biotechnology.

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