06/09/2005 • Automation

Signal and load circuits can be pre-assembled into one connector

With the contact inserts of the revos FLEX series, industrial multipole connectors of Wieland Electric's revos series can be equipped individually and application-specifically. The modular design allows for the combination of supply, signal, bus, pneumatic, and fiber-optic cables into one connector.

The revos FLEX HC high current module for currents up to 82A has recently been added to the modular system. The rated voltage is 1000V. The module is designed as a double module which means that it is twice as wide as a standard module. It is inserted into a module frame that fits in high revos BASIC housings. Protected in this way, the pluggable high-current connection provides the IP 65 protection degree.

The module is available in two designs, either with two working contacts or one working and one ground contact. One frame has enough space for up to three modules with a total of five working contacts and one ground contact. The module is wired through screw connections. Special tools are not required.
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