05/02/2005 • Automation • Process automation / MSR technology

The Complete SIL Concept Package from ABB and InfraServ Wiesbaden Technik

A comprehensive portfolio of SIL-classified devices and related systems is vital to a vendor's ability to offer complete process automation and process safety solutions. However, this alone is no longer sufficient.

A structure is needed, enabling the user to consider all relevant aspects for the design of safety instrumented systems, perform the required calculations, and ensure central documentation management. Besides their full range of SIL-classified devices and process control systems, ABB also provides the TRAC (Trip Requirement and Availability Calculator) software package, a powerful tool covering all of these aspects.

The majority of users seek to obtain not only the relevant hard- and software, but also the appropriate training and competent advice. ABB have started cooperation with state-approved experts (in accordance with the German BImSchG §29a) from InfraServ Wiesbaden Technik in order to be able to offer complete safety management solutions. A comprehensive SIL concept package results from this cooperation:
  • A large portfolio of SIL-classified devices comprising pressure, temperature and flow measurement equipment, actuators and positioners, and SIL-classified controllers of the 800xA family.
  • Installation and licensing of the TRAC software on site with subsequent customer training.
  • Consulting for and identification of the individual safety instrumented systems (SIS).
  • Active support for the risk analysis and design of safety instrumented systems with subsequent acceptance by a state-approved expert (in accordance with BlmSchG §29a).

Facts about TRAC:
  • Assignment and management of more than 50'000 PCS safety devices.
  • Risk assessment of all safety equipment in accordance with IEC 61511-3.
  • Calculation of the fault rates for all safety instrumented systems and determination of the test intervals on the basis of IEC 61508 or VDI / VDE 2180 or in accordance with the NAMUR recommendation [NE 93].
  • Considerations regarding economic efficiency based on the expenditure for testing, hardware and reserves.
  • Management of the entire documentation
  • Client / Server installation for a plant-wide safety management.
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