04/18/2005 • Drive Tech • Sensor Technology

DKV 60 – the compact measuring wheel encoder for conveyor belts

With its DKV 60 incremental measurement wheel encoder SICK STEGMANN presents a compact, economical and installation-friendly solution for determining the position and speed of conveyor belts.

The DKV 60 consists of a robust metal housing and a measurement reel made of aluminium. The measurement wheel encoder measures directly on the running surface of the conveyor belt – so no alterations need be made to existing structures. Compared to conventional measurement wheel encoder solutions (consisting of mounting bracket, sprung arm, encoder and measurement wheel) the integrated spring-loaded arm of the DKV 60 compensates for mechanical belt fluctuations in a variety of directions.

Low space requirement – highly versatile use

Unlike other measurement wheel encoder solutions, the DKV 60 consists of just one single component that requires installation. Mounting is therefore particularly easy. Moreover the encoder saves a considerable amount of installation space. These advantages are of benefit in far more DKV 60 applications than just its use on conveyor belts including, for example, the automatic positioning of metal sheets or wooden boards, printing head control during printing on packages, in sorting plants, and on all sorts of conveyor systems in handling and warehousing, or for monitoring the speed of yarn spools in textile machines.
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