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JUMO GmbH & Co. KG, Fulda, Germany, is presenting the new dTRON 300 controller series for the first time at the Hanover Fair / Interkama+ 2005.
This means that the “old” dTRON series – one of the most successful product series, with over 350,000 units sold worldwide – is now being replaced by a completely new generation of instruments.
Even though the JUMO dTRON name remains, this is not just a facelift, but an absolutely new product.

Development focused on a clearly laid out operating arrangement, supported by the brilliant multicolor LCD display with background lighting. In addition to a user-friendly PC setup program, four buttons on the front panel are all it takes for operation and parameterization. The operator can define up to 8 freely programmed parameters at the user level.
Even the basic version includes, as well as the analog input, two logic inputs/outputs and two switching outputs, in addition to the setup interface.
Inputs and outputs can easily be expanded through plug-in cards, thus enabling simple adaptation when systems are enlarged.

Instruments in the JUMO dTRON 300 series can be used as temperature, humidity, differential and ratio controllers. The short sampling time of only 50 msec makes them particularly suitable for fast control loops (e.g. for pressure).
A maximum of two current or voltage inputs can also be used for monitoring or controlling other electrical variables (heater current, for example).
The controller type, feedback structure, function and linearization of the inputs and outputs are, of course, freely selectable. Customer-specific linearizations are also possible, with the aid of the setup program.
A program function with 8 segments is available for time-dependent processes. Alternatively, two timer functions can be selected.
If different batches or processes have to be controlled, then four setpoints and two parameter sets are available for this purpose.

Complex operations such as the combination of inputs and outputs, setpoint and output level, minimum and maximum values, monitoring and derivation of average values, can all be performed with a math and logic module.
Since the areas of application and hence the various types of control loop may be widely different, depending on the requirements, two optimization procedures are available for determining the control loop parameters. These are the widely established oscillation method based on the “Ziegler and Nichols” procedure, and the step response method.
The link to a supervisory system or a PLC can be provided through an RS485 or PROFIBUS interface.

The instruments have dimensions of 96 mm x 96 mm, 96 mm x 48mm or 48mm x 48mm with a mounting depth of just 90 mm. So it is no problem to use them in rather small switchgear cabinets. The membrane keypad on the front panel has IP65 enclosure protection, to ensure reliable operation even in very hostile environments. Two power supply options are available: 110 – 240V AC, 48 – 63Hz or 20 – 53V AC/DC, 48 – 63Hz. External two-wire transmitters can be supplied through the 22V/30mA voltage output. Screw terminals are provided for the electrical connection.

Important areas of application are heating processes, the packaging and plastics industry, laboratory and heating cabinet applications, and the food industry. The favorable price/performance ratio has been achieved through the installation of a completely new production line with test and calibration stations.

Since the instruments will be marketed around the world, UL, CUL, DIN and Gost approvals have been applied for.
Production of the instruments will commence in the 2nd half of 2005, in compliance with RoHS*, which means that the requirements with regard to use and restriction of hazardous substances were already taken into consideration during development, thus meeting 2002/95/EC.
The new series of JUMO dTRON 300 instruments, including the add-on cards and multilingual setup program, will be available from the end of April 2005.

*RoHS = Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment
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