03/22/2005 • Analytics • LIMS / Laboratory IT • Process automation / MSR technology

Viscotek DLS: A state-of-the-art dynamic light scattering instrument

All laboratories involved in biomolecular characterization require a complete understanding of how their proteins and biomolecules function in solution. Stability, conformation, aggregation and complex formation are all important issues facing a wide variety of biomolecular research. The new Viscotek DLS instrument is an essential tool that can provide this information in a fast, accurate and user friendly manner.
The patented Single Mode Fibre Technology (SMF) now exclusively available in the new Viscotek DLS results in superior sensitivity and accuracy when compared to other instruments.


  • Screen for aggregation prior to protein crystallization
  • Monitor changes in size and aggregation as a function of varying solution conditions
  • Protein conformation analysis
  • Study protein-protein interactions in solution
  • Characterize newly purified proteins for homogeneity, size and thermal stability
  • Measure the stability and size of lipids, conjugates and other drug delivery particles
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