03/04/2005 • Sensor Technology

UM 18 – the space-saving ultrasonic sensor

The new UM 18 ultrasonic sensor from SICK is predestined for installation situations where space is limited, as well as for the detection of objects with critical levels of reflectivity. The device, in compact and robust M18 fine-thread housings, is available in two variants – Standard and High End. Both offer an operating scanning distance of between 30 mm and 250 mm, as well as teach-in and switching threshold programming via the control cable. Areas of UM 18 use include the detection of transparent objects such as PET bottles, checking liquid levels in test tubes, or measuring filling levels.

While the UM 18 Standard manages with a single switching output, the UM 18 High End has a second switching output (required for min./max. regulation when detecting levels) in addition to two function LEDs. Internally, an integrated temperature compensation system ensures that the sensor's detection accuracy and reliability remain constant despite any changes in ambient temperature that may take place during operation.

Integrated switching reliability with critical objects

The possibility of background teach-in is a further highlight. Objects whose surfaces or shapes are critical in terms of their sound reflectivity can thus be detected with particular reliability, as it is not their often undefined sonic reflectivity but the interruption of the taught-in background sound reflections that leads to a response from the UM 18.
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