02/15/2005 • Drive Tech • Sensor Technology

The MZT 6 magnetic cylinder sensor gains ATEX approval

In addition to high levels of user-friendliness, switching accuracy, and immunity to vibrations, the MZT 6 magnetic cylinder sensor for detecting the position of pistons in pneumatic cylinders now also offers ATEX approval for Category 3D/3G in Ex-Zone 22, among others. Thus ”secure fixing and reliable function” – the experience of many users of the sensor suitable for almost all cylinder T-slots – is now also possible in the Ex-Zone.

The operating advantages of the magnetic cylinder sensor principally stem from its mounting technology, whereby the sensor is first inserted from above – saving time. Then the MZT 6 is pressed onto the bottom of the pneumatic cylinder slot over its entire length during fixing. Standard tools are sufficient to carry out rapid and firm screwing of the slotted head or Allen screw into the metal cylinder liner – and the sensor cannot be ripped out. Sunken installation in the slot, immunity to shocks, and vibration resistance of over 50 G prevent changes in position and thus any alteration in the switching point during operation. This ensures reliable switching activity and a high level of machine availability. It is thus also impossible to rip out the sensor, inserted into the cylinder slot from above, by means of its cable.

Right from the start, the MZT 6 proved itself as the magnetic cylinder sensor for detecting the position of pistons in pneumatic cylinders. With the ATEX approval, users can now also exploit its advantages wherever there is a potential risk of explosions from ignitable gases or non-conductive dusts in the operating environment.
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