DuPont Packaging and Industrial Polymers launches wood alternatives website

DuPont Packaging and Industrial Polymers announced today the launch of a new website, (www.dupont.com/industrial-polymers/woodalternatives/), that will cater to the evolving Natural/Wood Plastic Composites Market and other segments of the Wood Alternatives Industry. The new website includes specific coupling agent solutions to improve product performance and/or lower total cost for Wood Alternative producers.

As applications become more challenging, DuPont™ Fusabond® polymer modifiers not only strengthen the bond between matrix polymer and wood or natural cellulosic material, they also improve impact resistance. Fusabond® provides the outstanding performance and consistency necessary to produce high-quality extrusion profiles and molded parts that can help customers develop new products and enter new markets.

“Fusabond® coupling agents have been shown to improve tensile strength 200 to 300 percent more than formulations that do not use coupling agents in natural or wood plastic composites based on a polyethylene matrix,” said Megan O’Brien, DuPont marketing programs manager. “Our new website highlights the benefits of our coupling agents and lists which products work best in a variety of different formulations.”

The Fusabond® polymer modifier product line also will be featured at Kunststoffe 2004 (K 2004), the 16th International Plastics and Rubber Trade Fair October 20 – 27, 2004, in Dusseldorf/Germany.

“K 2004 provides another opportunity for companies to learn more about the unique advantages of the Fusabond® polymer modifier product line,” O’Brien said.

Specific DuPont product offerings for Wood Plastic Composites include Fusabond® MB-226DE or MB-226DY and MB-100D for polyethylene wood, and Fusabond® MD-353D and M613-05 for polypropylene.

In addition, DuPont also has a developmental, patent-pending, copolymer product, called Fusabond® W PC-576D. Rather than using traditional maleic anhydride grafting, these copolymers use anhydride functional monomers. While 576D has been shown to work as well as coupling agents in WPC systems with polyethylene matrices, it also may allow producers to use less than the standard 1-3 percent additive levels.

DuPont manufactures Fusabond® grades using a variety of base resins and graft levels.
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