08/10/2011 • Metrology

IGBTs and HVDC …

The continuous growth of renewable energy use presents numerous challenges for the energy sector. High Voltage Direct Current Transmission is one of the key technologies that will need to be used to overcome these challenges. HVDC allows a low-loss transfer over long distances between energy producer and consumer. It also provides a simpler solution for coupling unsynchronized AC power grids (i.e. in Smart Grids). In order to evolve this young technology to its full potential, further research and testing are required.

The SATURN Transient Recorder family from AMOtronics has been optimized specifically for this purpose. It allows precise measurements within a range of a few kHz to GHz using fibre optic isolated data transmission. The newest member of the family, the SATURN Sequencer, also enables clock synchronous control of switches, contactors, IGBTs and MOSFETs as used in test facilities of low, medium and high voltage laboratories.

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