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Teleservice Compact via Internet

The further away the country where systems are installed, the greater the cost of on-site assignments for service and system expansions. In the case of service, a glimpse into the system often means the difference between a costly business trip and a short phone call. Today teleservice is very inexpensive and easy to implement. A teleservice link to a system in Germany or abroad should always be included in planning.

The NetLink is plugged straight into the S7 controller. At the controller end, NetLink permits the full transmission rate of 12 Mbps. The device detects the network transmission rate of 10 or 100 Mbps automatically. The entire electronics of the NetLink are accommodated in a Profibus connector housing to which a network cable is connected. Communication is performed via the TCP/IP protocol.

To set up a link with local S7 controllers, NetLink is directly connected to the Ethernet interface of a PC or notebook via a crossover cable. Remote servicing is possible by connecting to the network via a standard Ethernet connector or a switch or hub. Remote servicing is also possible via Internet (VPN) and Intranet or via a direct phone line using a dial-up router. The Helmholz NetLink is available in two versions - with and without the S7 driver for the original S7 software from Siemens.

If you want to use the NetLink with the S7 programming software from Siemens, you will require the version with the S7 driver. The Helmholz S7 OPC Server supports both versions of the NetLink. If only the S7 communication of PC applications is required via the S7-OPC server, the lowest-cost version without the S7 driver is sufficient.
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