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In the face of increased security and passenger numbers at the world's airports and transport terminals, operators are constantly looking at ways to improve passenger flow and reduce queues. Tensator has been at the forefront of queue technology for decades and has much experience of designing and providing well-managed, safe queue management systems to airports the world over.

Travellers passing through an airport will queue for a shuttle bus, queue to undergo baggage check in, queue again for security checks, before queuing for customs/passport checks, and then moving on to the departure lounge.

And at all these sites, a quality queue management system, such as Tensabarrier, will ensure fair treatment and smooth progress through the airport terminal. Tensator developed the pioneering Tensabarrier system which has often been copied, but never bettered. With its patented safety and security features, such as tamper-proof tape ends, cassettes with centrifugal braking system and alarmed versions, Tensabarriers can be seen in practice in almost every airport in the world.

Of course, the potential for businesses to communicate with their customers is huge – for every Tensabarrier installed in a queue, there are two metres of webbing that can carry a message in very close proximity to a captive audience. Webbing, graphics and signage, banners and in-queue merchandising are all available as options. In this way, queue management systems can move from being a cost to a source of income. Capital costs and maintenance costs can both be eliminated because Tensator's equipment is designed so that operators can update the queue area on a regular basis so that the waiting areas will always look fresh and new.

Products for specification in passenger security areas need to be robust as well as versatile to ensure queuing control can be adapted to suit peak periods and to help organise the growing volume of travellers. Tensaguide is the ideal solution to ease the congestion of passengers along with their stress. It is a solid beam and post structure that can be assembled into a queuing configuration to suit the requirements of each individual installation. The Tensaguide(r) system is available with a selection of accessories including writing tops, standard and rotary leaflet dispensers and acrylic sign holders for post-top mounting. In addition, when used as a double rail system, there is also the option to incorporate a wide selection of solid infill panels for space division and screening or for the display of corporate logos and advertising messages.

Tensator has been providing effective crowd control barriers to a variety of high-profile clients for over 30 years. With technological innovations and stylish new products, the Tensator portfolio has expanded into a dynamic and functional range of customer guidance and queue management systems. The extensive range of posts, wall-mounted units, customised webbing and accessories make up the most comprehensive selection of guidance systems in the world. All products come with a full warranty and a complete and professional level of quality customer service comes as standard.
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