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The types of digital CCTV camera available today, and their features, are many and varied, resulting from both the demand generated by different applications and the ingenuity of the manufacturers. From compact, fixed cameras, through direction-controllable models to high-end, sophisticated 'intelligent' cameras. One such intelligent camera range is the Dinion series, developed by Bosch Security Systems. Among other features, Dinion cameras offer Bosch's Lens Wizard automatic lens detection and set-up, SensUp continuous shutter speed adjustment for optimal sensitivity, NightSense that switches from color to monochrome in low-light conditions, plug-and-play functionality, user-friendly interface, backlight compensation and exceptional robustness.

The latest models from the Dinion range are the DinionXF series that feature XF-Dynamic, which uses Bosch's 15-bit DSP technology to fully exploit the potential of CCD imaging. This technology detects the camera's CCD signal with much greater accuracy than a standard 10-bit camera to give a 32-fold increase in the number of grey levels and in color reproduction. An image quality with broad dynamic range and vivid colors over a
wide spectrum, previously only available in professional broadcast cameras.

Bosch has also developed a new Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) feature to further enhance the picture quality of the DinionXF. This new DNR system cancels out noise by comparing images over time. A powerful algorithm then performs a pixel-by-pixel audit of the images and any changes are automatically eliminated.

An additional innovative feature of Bosch's Dinion cameras (also provided with the company's AutoDome cameras) is the unique Bilinx bi-directional interface, which allows easy connection of additional Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) within the Bosch Allegiant microprocessor-based video switcher control system. Bilinx uses conventional coax, unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and fiber optic video transmission links and enables users to download, store and upload data using a PC-controlled configuration tool, connected any place in the video cable, to customize camera settings and control according to specific application requirements. This is a major advantage in airport installations where some cameras may be mounted in difficult-to-access places or where operation would otherwise be interrupted by servicing.

Motion blur reduction is another innovative feature of the DinionXF camera. With the camera switched to Default Shutter Mode, the user can set the shutter speed to minimum. As long as there is sufficient light in the scene for the Auto Iris lens control and Automatic Gain Control to produce a full video signal, the shutter remains fixed at that set value. If light fails, shutter speed will be decreased until the standard value is reached, when motion blur might re-occur. However, this is preferable to a complete loss of video signal. The Default Shutter feature therefore provides video without motion blur for as long as possible, while still covering the full range of lighting conditions.

Combining Dinion cameras with others from the Bosch range, such as FlexiDome, AutoDome and Networked models, provides the ideal mix-and-match for covering every CCTV surveillance aspect in today's ultra-busy airports.
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