More Efficiency on the Apron with Proveo´s Real-time System

proveo´s vision is to bring machines with the wwt.system/aviation to life and teach them how to talk. In this way, machines evolve from objects requiring supervision to communicative team members. A good team performs at a high level and is efficient, organized machines attain the same result.

proveo´s system is a complete, open solution. Proprietary systems might already be available in the market, but they are restricted in terms of the amplification of functions and performance. proveo´s solution stands out from these limited systems, which only master single performance attributes such as identification or localization, especially in the context of efficiency of real-time information. Being a worldwide, unique information technology platform, the wwt.system/aviation is extremely flexible and supplies everything from just one source. The entire data processing feature, from gathering to accumulation and transfer up until the editing of all relevant information, is perfectly possible with this complete solution. As flexible real-time system it optimizes the activities on the apron. Costs and environmental impact can be reduced, security is increased and all the while quality is enhanced. Thus e.g. the recording gaps, which occur at virtually every airport, and which may typically include a request
for extra services – for example ground power – can be closed with the proveo system.

Major synergies arise from the connection of the proveo solution to other systems, which gain an added value from real-time information: these would include resource planning, maintenance or billing systems and administrative systems.

To meet the needs of different companies, we offer two solutions: The Complete System Concept (CSC) for the complete integration of proveo's technology in the customer's company and the Application Service Providing (ASP), an innovative rental solution which guarantees low operational costs. The ground handler doesn't have to make a big initial investment to buy the whole system but instead can calculate with a constant monthly fee which not only covers software and hardware but also the server support and data security.
The wwt.system/aviation – designed to flexibly meet your needs.
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