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Fume cupboard testing

The safety of fume cupboards is an essential requirement of fume cupboard users. Properly working and operated fume cupboards avoid the contact with injurious substances. This protection function is controlled by the air flow rate and the design of the fume cupboard as well as by the location, the operation mode and the operation together with other fume cupboards in one air supply system.

The importance for safety at work makes the confirmation of proper fume cupboard function one of the main topics in working place risk analysis. The related test procedures are defined in the European wide standard EN 14175. This standard contains type testing in special test rooms as well as onsite tests of already installed fume cupboards. Both tests need appropriate equipment, specific know-how and most of all well experienced people. FC_S GmbH offers type and onsite tests, which are independent of fume cupboard manufacturers. This helps to find the reasons of shortcomings and to decrease costs of necessary improvements. Sometimes a big advantage especially in serious disputes.
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