07/21/2004 • Machine safety, industrial safety

New devices for light respiratory protection:

Dräger Safety has extended its X-plore range of masks and filters to include the X-plore 7300 and X-plore 7500 powered air purifying respirators and the X-plore 9000 supplied air system. All three can be used with Dräger's range of X-plore headpieces (helmets, hoods and visors) and the Panorama Nova Rd40 threaded full face masks.

Respiratory protection without breathing resistance

The X-plore 7300 and 7500 powered respirators use a filter to purify the ambient air and then make it available to the wearer. The use of an electronically controlled blower ensures a constant air flow, without any breathing resistance. X-plore 7300 is suitable for use in all kinds of applications where protection against particles is required – for example during grinding, woodwork or welding, and in the agricultural industry. X-plore 7500 can be combined with different types of filters and in addition to particles also provides protection against inhalation of hazardous gases and vapours (for example industrial applications such as painting or agriculture). Both devices are comfortable to wear thanks to the combination of ergonomic design and low weight.

Multifunctional operating panel controls device functions

The easy to operate multifunctional operating panel allows the battery status and filter capacity to be monitored at all times, and can even be used to adjust the airflow. In the X-plore 7500, the operating panel can be individually set at the touch of a button for use with a full face mask or helmet, hood or visor. In the X-plore 7300, the airflow can be set individually for any headpiece. Audible and visual warning alarms guarantee utmost safety in any application, ensuring that the user is alerted immediately if the filter life is exhausted or the battery capacity is low. Additionally, the integrated NiMH battery ensures maximum freedom of movement.

Dräger X-plore 9000 supplied air system

The X-plore 9000 supplied air system is designed for use in situations where filtering protection is not sufficient. The device features a preset manifold fitted to a belt which can be connected to a pressurized ring main, a mobile air source or directly to a compressor.

Broad range of applications thanks to different headpieces

A wide range of headpieces makes it possible to use this unit in a broad spectrum of applications. The short and long hood are particularly suitable for people with beards or those who wear glasses or where complete facial protection is required, A grinding visor combines respiratory protection with protection of the eyes, the safety helmet is used where respiratory protection is required and helmets are mandatory, and the welding helmet is available either with conventional welding glass or with an autodarkening welding visor. The X-plore headpiece range is completed by the Panorama Nova full face mask for applications requiring a higher protection factor and simultaneous eye protection.
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