Defensor Takes off in China

Geoquip is pleased to announce that the MicrAlert system has been chosen for Guangzhou Airport, a project of approximately 30km in Southern China. Following the success of the system chosen for the Hong Kong Border project, MicrAlert was selected for its excellent performance during extensive trials. MicrAlert offers up to four independent zones of microphonic cable detection, each providing a widely configurable range of outputs for alarm / tamper / pre-alarm / fault conditions.

Alarm verification is provided in the form of an audio output, which is automatically selected when a sensor zone goes into alarm. Alternatively, the audio output from any of the sensor zones can be manually selected. Geoquip's world famous audio clarity is fully exploited by the MicrAlert analyser system and the CentrAlert software may be used to control CCTV cameras, via touch screen or mouse/keyboard control.
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