04/19/2004 • Laboratory appliances • Pumps and Compressors

New vacuum pumps with ATEX conformity

Starting from July 1, 2003, within the European Union only vacuum equipment with ATEX conformity shall be used in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres. Based on its well established chemistry diaphragm pumps, VACUUBRAND has developed a range of pumps for equipment category 2 (e.g. for zone 1) with ATEX conformity. In combination with its advanced electronic ATEX vacuum gauges, VACUUBRAND offers a complete range of vacuum generation and measurement equipment for areas with potentially explosive atmospheres. The pumping chamber of the diaphragm pumps has ATEX conformity II 2G IIC T3 X to fulfil requirements for pumping a wide variety of inflamable solvent vapours as well as e.g. hydrogen. The internal parts of the pump heads are made from antistatic fluoroplastics and have a high chemical resistance. Connectors and other parts are likewise made from antistatic materials and stainless steel. Further features include integrated pressure relief valves, gas ballast with inlet for inert gas and safety diaphragm technology. Three chemistry diaphragm pump models are available. Two, three and four stage versions - to be selected appropriately for the application – provide a maximum pumping speed of between 1.9 and 8.1 m³/h and an ultimate vacuum 12 down to 2 mbar. Corresponding chemistry vacuum systems with separator and emission condenser additionally offer the possibility of solvent recovery.

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