03/15/2004 • Automation

Fast Sensor Profibus Module for Universal Use

With its newly developed bus capable sensor Profibus module 9221 burster extends its product range of measurement data acquisition by networking via Profibus DP. The universal module is predestined for integration of various analog sensor output signals into complex, networked and peripheral automation structures. Due to its secure and reliable transfer mode, the fast transfer speed and its simple construction the device finds its application fields in the industrial automation as well as the test stand technology.

The module acquires and processes mechanical values as i.e. force, torque, pressure, accelera-tion as well as signals of potentiometric displacement and angle transducers and of course also standard signals. A 14 bit A/D converter ensures a high-end data processing quality of the ac-quired signals. In order to achieve the highest possible machine tact rate the very fast measuring rate of 1 kHz and the currently highest bus transfer speed of up to 12 MBaud can be used. Two freely configurable digital inputs are available for the external control as well as three digital out-puts for control purposes or for the regulation of process relevant operations.

The potential-free in- and outputs with PLC signal level allow an uncomplicated and easy integra-tion into the given control environment. The setting of the configuration data and the additional functions like arithmetic averaging, filtering, zero balancing, MIN/MAX memory and threshold val-ues can be done via a user friendly configuration software as well as directly via Profibus. The DIN rail mounting allows quick and simple mounting in switchboard cabinets.

Particularly in the automotive industry the module finds its application fields as i.e. in complex gear and engine test stands or for the weight definition in high-rack facilities. Further it is well-suited for special machinery engineering or the packing industry, manufacturing technology as well as R+D and experimental setups. For the first use burster offers a very economy-prized package with sen-sor Profibus module, configuration software and a sample program for the PLC.

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