02/18/2004 • Automation

"hypercontrol® micro-1" – the "Credit-Card size SPS":

The hypercontrol® micro-1 "Credit-Card" size PLC developed and manufactured by Contec in Austria, offers an Electronics Designer or Systems Integrator, the possibility of accommodating a highly integrated "board-level" PLC solution into any sophisticated application being developed. Avoiding the extensive learning curve normally required for an unfamiliar CPU, and offered at a sensational price/performance ratio.

Miniature in Size but Mammoth in performance:
This Credit-Card sized PCB (85mm x 54mm), based on the powerful ARM-7 CPU and a real-time Operating system, is supplied with an integrated Ethernet interface making the communication with a PPS/ERP System or Internet connectivity, the simplest of tasks.

Using the embedded Web Server (optional) and an Internet Explorer, Remote Diagnostics or Web Visualization can be achieved from any PC anywhere.
Implementing the CoDeSys "Network Variables" function, variables can be automatically modified or updated within an Ethernet or CAN-Open network, which avoids unnecessary programming code. For connection to a PLC environment, the commonly used Modbus protocol has been included. Communication is possible either via the Ethernet or Serial interfaces.

Additionally this Controller Board provides the following functionality:

- Full compatibility to the popular IEC61131-3 (CoDeSys) industry standard and support of all 5 SPS programming languages belonging to this standard

- Full CAN-Open master control (2 X CAN-Open, without Driver-ICs on-board)

- connectivity for proprietary CAN modules

- 3 serial interfaces (TTL level)

- 16 digital inputs/outputs (TTL level)

- 8 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs

- buffered address/data bus

- SPI interface, timer/counter port

- 5V power supply, connection via 2 high-density connectors

- credit-card format 85 X 54 mm.

- An Evaluation Board is also available.

Contec GmbH are already working on further developments of this very successful theme.
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