08/04/2023 • Microscopy / Imaging

Ultra Large Field of View Super Resolution Microscopy Based on Photonic Chips

Chip NanoImaging specializes in ultra-large field-of-view TIRF microscopy using photonic chips with waveguides to generate exceptionally homogenous TIRF illumination. This delivers super-resolution on a millimeter scale and a field-of-view around one hundred times larger than traditional techniques. The normal glass slide is replaced by the photonic chip where the evanescent field from the waveguides is used to illuminate the sample. The sample can be labelled as usual. The new technique is suitable for both super resolution and diffraction-limited, ultra-large field-of-view microscopy.


  • Large field-of-view in super resolution, 100 times larger than conventional techniques
  • Diffraction-limited, ultra-large field-of-view TIRF for sections, live cell and EVs
  • Multi-color TIRF with no need for any adjustment
  • Exceptionally homogeneous light distribution over field-of-view in TIRF
  • Multimodality: switch between chip-based TIRF and EPI with same sample and field-of-view.
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