08/04/2023 • Microscopy / Imaging

LINCam – A Quantum-Detector for Ultra-Sensitive Time-Resolved Imaging

LINCam is a single-photon counting system for time-resolved, highly sensitive imaging from the UV to the near-infrared spectral range. It has a patented pixel-free and noise-free sensor with a diffraction-limited position resolution, 40 ps timing accuracy, and an exceptional signal-to-noise ratio in extremely low light conditions. Combined with a pulsed light source, LINCam transforms any conventional microscope, such as TIRF, light sheet or spinning disc microscopes, into a powerful instrument to measure fluorescence lifetimes. Its main applications are FLIM, single molecule imaging, high-resolution microscopy, label-free metabolic monitoring of NADH and FAD, time-resolved spectroscopy, and quantum optics.

Innovation: In contrast to conventional CCD or CMOS cameras, it works with a pixel-free, patented quantum sensor consisting of a photocathode, multi-channel plates for image intensification and a resistive anode with electrically isolated fields for positional determination.

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