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5 ways your building project benefits from working closely with ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions

London, April 2023 – The digitalization of building design and construction presents challenges and major opportunities. The need to manage and marshal project information is much greater than in the “analogue” world. Yet if done right, a shift to digital processes can save money and time, and end with a greener, more usable building.

However, to fully realize these benefits, many projects are missing a key ingredient: expertise.

Not in the core disciplines of architectural design and physical build, of course. But in the coordination and digitalization of project information. Done well, this expertise can help deliver the vision faster, better and more cost-effectively.

“We have experience in simplifying many of the most painful processes in a construction project,” says Marc Ameryckx, BIM Development Manager at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions EMEIA. “Information is at the core of any modern build. Delivering it accurately, transparently and at the right time makes a huge difference to costs and outcomes.”

“Partnership with ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions delivers quick, accurate specification, time-saving information management, greener, more cost-efficient buildings and more.”

“We have partnered with architects and developers, BIM managers, contractors and distributors. Our expertise has worked to the advantage of all these stakeholders in at least five different ways.”

#1: Specify projects accurately with an in-depth knowledge of standards

From doors and door closers to wireless electronic access control, ASSA ABLOY manufactures and supplies products for almost any building or opening.

“This range gives us uniquely broad-based knowledge about standards and certifications across a huge range of building features and functions,” explains Dikesh Pattni, Specification Manager at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions EMEIA.

ASSA ABLOY’s fire and accessibility standards knowledge base covers mechanical and electronic access solutions, door closers, doors, frames, handles and more. Their expertise helps ensure every build or refit is genuinely barrier-free.

#2: Gain expertise in Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Digitalization requires the management of ever-shifting information. The right BIM partner helps direct this flow to make sure every stakeholder has what they need, when they need it.

For those with BIM experience — or digitalizing for the first time — embedding ASSA ABLOY BIM expertise from the outset will streamline project management. When everyone is working from the same up-to-date model of a project, delays are cut, correction loops minimized and completion times shortened.

Real-world project research suggests BIM has major benefits — reducing costs and improving a final building’s design and function*.

BIM also creates a final resource with ongoing value for project handover. This authoritative store can inform facilities management, future site audits, health and safety policy, maintenance schedules, refurbishment and more through the lifetime of a typical building.

“Projects are much more coordinated between the different disciplines, resulting in a more developed project arriving on site,” explains Javier Irribarren of Fenwick Iribarren Architects, who worked with ASSA ABLOY on Campus Acciona, a landmark new business and office development in Madrid.

“In a few years it is going to be the only way of developing these projects.”

#3: Meet the fast-growing demand for greener buildings

ASSA ABLOY offers in-depth support for six leading green building certifications: BREEAM, LEED, Green Star, WELL, DGNB, HQE. A downloadable contribution sheet for each details how multiple ASSA ABLOY products contribute towards credits in the scheme.

“We are an official partner in the World Green Building Council’s Europe Regional Network,” adds Dikesh. “Part of our mission is to transfer the latest sustainable construction knowledge to customers and the wider market.”

The return on investment (ROI) from greener building may be financial as well as ethical. Property experts Knight Frank “found a positive and significant effect of Very Good, Excellent and Outstanding BREEAM ratings on prime central London office rents — ranging from 3.7% to 12.3% premiums”**.

#4: Get timely, accurate support from an ASSA ABLOY team based locally

Not every architects’ studio or property development office has specification expertise. Working with an ASSA ABLOY team adds this skillset.

The specification process for door and security solutions can be time-consuming. These technologies are often complex or beyond the knowledge of other team stakeholders.

“Being able to have support for complex door environments is super valuable and time-saving,” says Jonatan Jacobsson, Engineer Architecture at TM Konsult, a Swedish architecture consultancy who has partnered with ASSA ABLOY on hotels, residential developments and public buildings.

Personalized ASSA ABLOY support teams handle specification details on the customer’s behalf, and free up time for architects and others to focus on mission-critical tasks. Specification becomes integrated and efficient, rather than bolted-on once creative work is complete. Architects render security solutions as soon as possible in their design, so building aesthetics and usability are not disrupted at the last minute.

ASSA ABLOY teams are locally based. They bring expertise on local issues, standards and certifications — and can even attend in-person project meetings.

The unique combination of local and global knowledge offered by ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions has brought cost and project management efficiencies to many building projects.

#5: Work smarter with a choice of ASSA ABLOY software and tools

ASSA ABLOY Openings Studioä software has benefitted multiple building projects worldwide. Easy to use and to integrate with existing workflows, Openings Studio links architectural design software with databases holding specification data. It delivers detailed door solution specifications directly to popular packages such as Revit® and ARCHICAD.

Instead of Excel spreadsheets and PDF floorplans, Openings Studio coordinates design and specification information together, resulting in fewer errors and less time wasted. For transparency, Openings Studio logs all events and updates designs automatically with a couple of clicks from an authorized project manager.

“Openings Studio software introduced us to a whole new way of thinking and efficiency,” says David Zarhy, whose firm Zarhy Architects designed the Broadcom R&D Center at Tel Aviv University.

ASSA ABLOY also has a comprehensive BIM library formatted for seamless integration with any design. Each object in the library has detailed geometry and specifications; many also have additional documentation such as Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for green building programs.

ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions support projects from a single door to complex new developments. Learn HERE more, download a BIM & Specification brochure at https://assaabloy.com/emeia-blueprint/en/documents/solutions/topics/bim-specification/downloads/AA_BIM_Awareness_Brochure_Screen_03_2023_FINAL.pdf

*: Dodge Data & Analytics, “Measuring the Impact of BIM on Complex Buildings”; www.usa.skanska.com/4a3d4b/siteassets/what-we-deliver/services/bim--vdc/value-to-clients/measuring-the-impact-of-bim-on-complex-buildings-2015f.pdf
**: www.knightfrank.com/research/article/2021-09-02-the-sustainability-series

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