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Streamlining openings and fire door inspection with a new multi-functional mobile app

The creation of clear, transparent inspection protocols boosts the safety of multi-residential properties — and reassures both owners and building residents. To maximize the effectiveness of the inspection cycle, a reliable, up-to-date source of specification info is critical. As at many other stages of the building life-cycle, digitalisation can be an ideal solution.

In the UK, Doorview offer customers wide-ranging expertise in the specification and packaging of door solutions, including timber and steel doors/screens and architectural ironmongery. They also conduct fire inspections all over the UK, a field particularly in focus since the post-Grenfell public inquiry*.

For this field of work, Doorview sought a solution which would streamline their interactions with customers, making their inspection service even more effective and efficient for clients in the multi-residential sector and beyond.

Digitalizing inspection reports could make workflows more efficient and further improve the service they provide, including for recommendations of corrective works required at a site.

Maintaining the Golden Thread
Doorview selected Openings Studio™, ASSA ABLOY’s desktop and new mobile application as the optimal solution for streamlining the fire door inspection process and offering the in-depth reporting they sought. With the Openings Studio app, Doorview helps to maintain the Golden Thread** — “a building’s single source of truth”.

“The app allows us to instantly share fire door inspection reports with our clients,” explains Doorview’s Jody Purcell.

The mobile app also enables Doorview to instantly share a remedial action list, which reassures the client that their building is compliant and safe for all residents, service providers and other users. Working digitally increases the transparency of the entire inspection and compliance process.

Creating transparency for a building lifetime
Openings Studio software has become a vital, constantly updated source across the full life-cycle of the building.

Widely used by architects and building specifiers to ensure accuracy and efficiency in design and construction, the Openings Studio mobile app now also equips inspectors with powerful, speedy and transparent reporting tools. It achieves this by leveraging the same information from the beginning of the design phase through to maintenance of the completed structure.

Thanks to the training provided by ASSA ABLOY specification experts, Doorview were able to use the specification information stored in Openings Studio to speed up inspection work. It simplified the process of creating and sharing the quote for any corrective work required for compliance, and subsequent updating of their report with images once works were complete.

Openings Studio helped Doorview to optimize the service they provide.

To learn more about Openings Studio™, download a free Solution Guide at:


*: www.gov.uk/government/publications/independent-review-of-building-regulations-and-fire-safety-final-report
**: www.hse.gov.uk/building-safety/golden-thread.htm

Image: The new Openings Studio™ app enables reporting for greater efficiency and transparency
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