07/29/2022 • Laboratory appliances • Laboratory installation / Services

Universal ‘plug and play’ Ionization Source for Mass Spectrometers

Plasmion has developed an ‘electronic nose sensor’ based on its Sicrit (Soft Ionization by Chemical Reaction in Transfer) technology, a small and rigid dielectric barrier discharge-based plasma ionization (DBDI) source that is directly merged with the atmospheric pressure inlet of the MS. This simplifies and enhances traditional chemical analysis and enables the performance of laboratory equipment to be transferred into an automated sensor system for industrial applications.

Various use-cases are enabled, such as already detecting disease-causing pathogens by analyzing the breath of patients, real-time online emission monitoring and controlling of combustion engines, or automated decision making in assembly or food processing lines. Mass spectrometry (MS) is only capable of analyzing ionized molecules. While the usual ionization technique is to spray analytes in the MS, the universal ‘plug & play’ ionization source simplifies sample preparation and reduces the cost of MS analyses.

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