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Flexible workspaces can thrive on the versatility of Incedo™ Business access control

London, November 2021 - Following a change in employment practices created by the pandemic, many office-based employees now follow a hybrid schedule, working where they are needed or find convenient. The fast-growing use of flexible offices and co-working spaces is testament to this emerging trend. With employees coming and going as they please, a change in how security and access control are managed is an urgent but overlooked aspect many firms are just waking up to.

Clockwise is a UK and European provider of flexible office space for entrepreneurs and established businesses*. The company’s expanding offering includes contemporary offices, meeting rooms and shared workspaces across multiple cities.

Any business which relies on flexibility places high demands on door security and access control. Clockwise needs a broad choice of electronic devices to secure meeting rooms, private offices, communal spaces and main entrances, which may not all require the same lock type.

The office space demands of a start-up, freelance co-worker or growing SMB can change at any time, so Clockwise offer a range of membership levels and packages. Access management must be able to adapt and change as fast as Clockwise clients’ needs.

Because tenants come and go frequently, Clockwise facility managers need tailoring of user access rights to be as easy as possible. Clockwise’s own spaces and portfolio may also evolve: Any access system must be able to scale instantly up or down.

How flexibly Clockwise can deliver for their clients is essential to growing in such a competitive market.

Incedo Business: the right solution for flexible access control

The range of Incedo-enabled devices and door hardware — managed by simple Cloud-based software — convinced Clockwise to choose ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions’ Incedo Business for all their premises. This platform-based access solution connects security software and hardware within a single, future-proofed ecosystem.

The diversity of Incedo-enabled devices enables Clockwise to select the ideal electronic lock for every opening in their properties. Internal private office doors, “Zoom rooms” and meeting rooms — as well as communal area doors and entrance/exits — are now secured with wireless access control devices from the Incedo Business range.

Incedo’s flexible system management options help Clockwise to operate access control with maximum efficiency. Administrators quickly create groups with tailored access for specific doors.

Access permissions may also be time-limited, which is perfect for meeting room bookings or for facilitating access hours for different membership options: Private desk members get 24/7 admission, whereas hot-desk membership only allows entry during office hours.

According to Clockwise: “The flexibility to create groups and the ability to remotely update cards both work really well for our business.”

To learn more about the flexibility offered by Incedoä Business, download a solution guide at https://campaigns.assaabloyopeningsolutions.eu/incedo-business.

*: www.work-clockwise.com

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