06/01/2021 • Image processing / Optical metrology • Sensor Technology

Vision Components: VC picoSmart

Faster and easier to the vision sensor

Complete embedded vision system on a compact board: the design of vision sensors is significantly simplified and shortened with VC picoSmart. All components for image acquisition and processing such as image sensor, CPU and memory are integrated and matched on the 22 x 23.5 mm board. OEM manufacturers merely add optics, illumination, interface board, housing, etc. and thus arrive at application-specific vision sensors in a short time and at low cost. The VCRT operating system enables real-time vision tasks, for example for object detection, position control, barcode reading, web edge and fill level control. The OEM module has long-term availability and is optimized for industrial applications.

VC picoSmart revolutionizes the design of OEM vision sensors: according to the manufacturer, it is the smallest complete embedded vision system, hardly larger than an image sensor module. It opens up completely new possibilities for the development of application-specific and cost-effective vision sensors in ultra-compact design and in a very short time.

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